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Our Medal Man Kevin Barnes ...

S/M Kev Barnes (a.k.a. – ‘The Medal Man’) is a member of the Orders & Medals Research Society (OMRS), an international society of medal enthusiasts who collect and/or research medals, Google it!. The OMRS itself has two specialist branches; the Miniature Medals Branch (MMB) - for those who have an interest in the miniature variants of the full size variety and the Ribbons Branch (RB) - for those who like to accumulate knowledge and examples of the ribbons from which most medals are suspended.

Kev’s personal interest lies in collecting miniature British campaign medals, but the other string to his bow is that he is also the Membership Secretary of the MMB.

Currently there are only two (2) OMRS (and MMB) members on the island . .  and he is constantly on the look for new recruits.

He also has the necessary contacts to provide the following services:

-           New or replacement medals (or groups) to be made up, full size or miniature.

-           New additions included to existing groups (i.e. Pingat Jasa Malaysia, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, etc.), full size or miniature.

He can also help those who want to:

-           know how to research family member’s medal entitlements.

-           know more about collecting medals, full size or miniature.

So if anyone wants to know more about medals (full size or miniature), medal research and/or medal collecting then you can contact him at kevinbarnesomrs@btinternet.com  or via his mobile: 99 13 26 27.



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